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    부천 노래방 It all started with a wet market theory Bat passed it onto us is the running story Leaking out from a nearby 부천 노래방 laboratory However remains a matter of query Immediate aftermath was local Authorities seemed less than vocal Hastening its spread in sum total 부천 노래방 As the outbreak becomes global Country after country Pain and loss in plenty A threat on humanity Huge is the calamity But 부천 노래방 wait a while and see the ray of light Marvel at human might And our resolve to fight With the endgame in 부천 노래방 sight Your corona spike On which you take so much pride So efficiently we neutralize Using jabs which cut that to size 부천 노래방 Also in our arsenal are others And mind you, more will be arriving in numbers To wipe you out with daggers Your 부천 노래방 remains will go down the gutters It is just a matter of time We will punish you for your crime You will 부천 노래방 soon be packed off to hell full of grime Without receiving any per diem-Abhay Sharma, CSIR-IGIB

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  • International Women’s Day- Random thoughts of a Woman Scient…

    부천 노래방 India, a country rich in its cultures and traditions has deep reverence to women since ancient times. We not only pray to female deities as per our religious leanings but also celebrate national festivals by their names. Examples include the Saraswati Puja for the “Goddess of Knowledge” or the Lakshmi Puja for the “Goddess of Wealth”. The ancient texts quote “यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः । यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः ।। मनुस्मृति ३/५६ ।।“Growing up with these beliefs and foundation, it is indeed surprising that I hear the need for gender parity in the country. I think it is important to look into facts for greater introspection to address this grave issue. One also wonders 부천 노래방 if there is an actual dearth of women achievers? Is it so difficult in identifying them? How do we bring them to mainstream and give them leadership roles?I start with the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 that places India at 112 among 153 countries studied, stating therewith that one of the key reasons for this is the difference in the literacy rate between men (82%) and women (66%). India is reported to be the only country where the economic gender gap is larger than the political gender gap. Statistics reveal that we need about 99.5 years and about 71 years to close the gender gap globally and in the South Asian region, respectively.All is not bad, as 부천 노래방 the report indicates that India has a relatively smaller gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) higher education. In the area of Cloud Computing considered to be one of the “male professions” of the future, India and Italy are close to gender parity. That’s indeed something to rejoice!Continuing on this note of celebrating achievements and successes, however small they may be, got me to remind myself that the year 2020 saw 4 women Nobel laureates. However, a careful look at the facts points out that in about120 years of its institution, women laureates include a mere 58 out of 962 awardees so far: just about 6% of the total. What’s more surprising to me was 부천 노래방 that the first women laureate in Chemistry from the United States of America was only in 2018.This made me also look into the highest and most coveted national award in Science, the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (SSB) Prize. Instituted in 1958 and now covering seven disciplines, the women winners of this SSB prize constitute a mere 3.2% (18 of 560 awardees in the last 62 years). I then shifted my attention to the inspiring Infosys Prize winners, to look for signs of gender parity. Instituted in 2008 with just one category of Mathematical Sciences, today it covers six different disciplines. In the last 13 years, 74 scientists and scholars were awarded the prestigious Infosys prize. Among them, 17 부천 노래방 are women awardees constituting a healthier ~23% of the total. The humanities and social sciences saw five women achievers each, followed by three in life sciences, 2 in engineering and computer sciences, and one each in physical and mathematical sciences.How does one address this gap of due recognition of women’s talent and expertise? Do we look for systemic and structural changes starting at the very first step when seeking nominations? Can we subscribe to the idea that every male nomination needs to be complemented with a female nomination as well, not limiting oneself to one’s own institution?One the matters of handling day to day activities, we often seem to be at crossroads of whether to tread the 부천 노래방 path already taken or take the untrodden path. We look for role models to take confidence and motivation from, so to move forward towards the desired goal. For some of us, even the well-trodden path is aplenty with challenges. Few don’t give up despite the hurdles.Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shah and Dr Swati Piramal, ladies of the pharma and biotech sector, lead by example. The COVID-19 pandemic gave us new leaders to take encouragement from – Dr Sowmya Swaminathan and Dr. Gagandeep Kang. Lt Gen Madhuri Kanitkar and Flt Lt Bhawana Kanth inspire us to take bold steps forward to reach great heights. On the aspects of ethics, respect to people’s livelihood and environment, while keeping ourselves grounded, 부천 노래방 Dr Vandana Shiva and Mrs Sudha Murthy are great leaders to look up to. Though far and few, these are all women leaders of the current times.The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) saw its first woman Director in the year 2013, after 71 years of its inception. Today we have four woman Directors leading four of its constituent laboratories. The CSIR Hq has four ladies handling the affairs of its four directorates/Units, efficiently dealing with science management, diplomacy and administration. Small step but a celebratory one to take pride of!Coming back to the need for closing gender gaps, the preceding paras highlight gaps and emerging trends to bridge the cause. The questions therefore are what 부천 노래방 and how do we emulate as success stories and best practices to cover a larger canvas and help us leap frog or pole vault to achieve our goals, and by when?When I started working on this note, I thought that I might actually find practical solutions. However, it seems that I am left with more questions than before!Awareness is key for the change or transformation we aspire to bring about. The celebration of International Women’s Day is one such to ensure we revisit our experiences, share them, help each other, take inspiration from the achievers while we continue to #choosetochallenge!My greetings to all on the International Women’s Day! Dr. Viswajanani J SattigeriHead, Traditional Knowledge Digital LibraryCSIR

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  • 강남 마네키네코 노래방 후기

    ​LA와 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 어바인 중심으로 남캘리엔 워낙 한국인들이 많이 살고 있고, 한국 마트, 음식점, 프렌차이즈들이 많아서 뭐 특별한 느낌도 없다. 게다가 우리는 일년 잠깐 살다가는 단기 체류자라서 한국이 그리운 것도 아니고, 우리 동네 근처 토렌스에 워낙 한국 식당과 마트가 많아서 LA 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 다운타운의 코리아타운도 딱 한 번 가봤다.​그런데!!! 어제 진짜 놀라운 곳을 방문. 라구나 비치 근처에 남편 사촌형 가족이 사는데, 이런 저런 일로 서로 시간이 안맞아 계속 못만나다가 우리 귀국 전에 부랴부랴 약속 잡음. 원래 집으로 초대해주셨는데 뒷마당 공사가 안끝나고 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 있어서 소스몰에서 보자고 하심.​​​Browse through the delicious optionstry or try them all or mix and match!​와우!! 부에나파크에 있는 이 소스몰이 놀라운 곳이었다ㅋ 근처 부에나파크, 플러튼에 한국인들 엄청 많이 사는 건 알고 있었는데, 이렇게 대규모 한국 쇼핑몰이 있는지 몰랐음. 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 한국 자본이 투자해서 그런지 대부분 한국 가게들에, 한국인들이 80프로 정도 되는 느낌!!​진짜 근방 한국인들이 다 여기로 모이는건지 토렌스에 있는 우리 단골 한인정비소 사장님 가족을 여기서 마주침 ㅎㅎㅎ ​​​​이탈리언, 오리엔탈, 베트남, 이자카야 음식점도 있음​페리카나 치킨도 있고​알로앤루 아동복도 있고​푸드코트엔 온갖 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 한식, 분식 입점. 죠스 떡볶이도 있다!!​k-pop이 당근 빠질 수 없고​태권도를 비롯 온갖 학원도 있음 ㅎㅎ​심지어 포장마차도 있었다.​이외에도 키즈카페, 노래방 (가라오케), VR 게임룸 등 오락거리도 있음. 하지만 백미는 온갖 한국 음식점과 카페들!!​​​​3층에 있는 강남하우스란 고깃집에서 엄청 맛있고 배부르게 먹음. 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 차돌박이랑 양념갈비, 주물럭 다양하게 먹었는데 고기도 다 구워주고 불판도 빨리빨리 갈아주고 완전 한국 고깃집이었음ㅋ​​​​현대백화점의 명물 밀탑빙수가 부에나파크에 있었다!!! 형님 얘기론 다운타운과 다른 한 곳에 더 있다고. 어쨌든 한국에선 언제 갔는지 기억도 안나는 밀탑빙수를 엘에이에서 가 봄ㅋ​다양한 맛의 빙수가 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 12.25불 - 12.75불 사이, 인절미토스트는 13.25불. 인절미 빙수 짱 맛있음. 근데 난 설빙 같이 다양한 토핑을 올려주는게 더 좋음. 여긴 딱 단팥만 있고, 플레이버만 달리함. 부에나파크는 택스가 7.75%이고, 주차가 무료라 더 맘에 들었다


  • CSIR-IICT’s Waste to Wealth Technology Wins PM’s Praise

    부천 노래방 CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology’s (CSIR-IICT) high rate biomethanation technology based on Anaerobic Gas lift Reactor (AGR) set up and operated at the vegetable market yard in Bowenpally, Secunderabad, received a special mention in Mann Ki Baat in January 2021 from Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.The Dr B R Ambedkar Vegetable Market Yard in Bowenpally is the biggest in Hyderabad, where approximately 10–12 tons of vegetable 부천 노래방 waste are generated each day. This waste is treated at the in-house biogas plant facility with a 10 ton/day capacity for generating500–600 cubic meters of biogas, which is converted into 500 units of electricity every day. Part of the biogas thus generated is used to replace about 30 kg of LPG in the market canteen daily. CSIR-IICT developed the novel Anaerobic Gas Lift Reactor (AGR) to generate biogas 부천 노래방 and bio manure from biodegradable organic wastes. The AGR technology works on a high rate biomethanation process suitable for operation in Indian conditions. The biogas can be utilized for combined heat and power applications, while the biomanure rich in nutrients can be applied in farms to increase the fertility of the soil for improved crop yield.The AGR technology helps reduce GHGs (greenhouse gases) and avoids the diversion 부천 노래방 of waste to landfills resulting in a cleaner environment. It is a promising method to treat biodegradable waste in-house in a scientifically safe manner and generate green energy.The salient features of AGR technology: Advanced high rate digester designAmmonia/ sulfide inhibition control mechanismContinuous mixing without mechanical equipmentThree-phase separation mechanismNo scum formationSmaller digester volume per unit weight of wasteLower footprint areaScaled up to 10 tons/day (Design capacity available from 150 부천 노래방 kg/day to 10 ton/day)Higher methane/biogas yieldGeneration of nutrient (NPK) rich fertilizerFirst Commercial Plant (Waste to energy from the kitchen-to-kitchen model) The first commercial biogas plant based on AGR technology was installed in The Akshaya Patra Foundation (TAPF), which serves mid-day meals to about one lakh school children. TAPF across India operates about 44 large kitchens. The kitchen generates about 1–1.5 tons of food waste each day. This 부천 노래방 waste is converted into wealth using the AGR technology. Food waste generated in the kitchen is treated in the in-house biogas plant. The biogas thus generated is supplied back to the kitchen for cooking, thereby replacing LPG consumption. Typically, a one-tonne biogas plant replaces about four domestic LPG cylinders daily. To date, there are about fifteen food waste-based biogas plants currently operational across India.Rapid industrialization, modernization, and 부천 노래방 lifestyle changes result in increasing quantities of solid waste. Open landfilling of these wastes is widely practised, as it is an easier and economical approach in the majority of the countries. Still, its negative impact on the environment through emissions of GHGs is greatly neglected. About 45% to 50% of these wastes, including food, market, and yard wastes dumped in the landfills, are composed of biodegradable organic 부천 노래방 matter, which can be purposefully utilized to recover energy and nutrients. It is said that “Organic Waste is a misplaced RESOURCE and an unrecognized WEALTH”. The AGR technology-based biogas plants aid in converting this biodegradable waste into wealth and are setting a positive example of sustainable, remunerative, and decentralized waste management systems.Sameena Begum, AmbicaVankamamidi &Gangagni Rao AnupojuCSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad

  • 무료항공권은 못참지~ 쪼으는 재미가 있는 클룩 룰렛 돌리기

    솜사탕 룰렛돌리기 포인트로 전환되기 전에는 에버랜드 연간회원만 에버랜드 앱에서 드림포인트 적립이 가능했고 모은 드림포인트와 방문 횟수에 룰렛돌리기 따라 등급이 나뉘어져 이벤트 참여등이 있었는데​최근에 에버랜드 앱이 있고 회원가입을 한다면누구나 에버랜드 내 포인트 룰렛돌리기 적립해주는 곳에서포인트 적립이 되고 사용할 수 있게 바뀌었답니다.​정기권(연간회원권)이었어서 미리 기존 드림포인트를솜사탕으로 전환하라는 알림을 받았었는데..기간내어 룰렛돌리기 하지 못해서 에버랜드 방문 후 정문 입장후 좌측에 작은 부스에 솜사탕에 관한 안내소가 있어서 룰렛돌리기 아이것이랑 모두 내게로 전환! ​전환전에 정회원 등록하니 쿠폰함에 들어있던1000솜으로 룰렛 돌리기 이벤트(1000솜, 1일 1회 룰렛돌리기 100프로 룰렛 상품중 당첨 )로 룰렛 돌려서!!​호떡 모찌 인형에 당첨! 되어 이벤트 상품 수령소(정문쪽 룰렛돌리기 기념품 판매소안 이벤트 상품 수령장소)에서 수령했답니다.​말랑말랑 귀여운 모찌 인형이다. 우헤헷!!​​​​귀엽네요.^^ ​​스타벅스 홍차 밀크티 (정식 룰렛돌리기 명칭은 다른 이름)​움츠려만 있으니 춥기만 했는데실내라 따뜻해서인가..​​​​

  • Overcoming challenges in the experimental animal facility du…

  • Overcoming challenges in the experimental animal facility du…

    부천 노래방 The CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, has one of the most extensive animal facilities in its two campuses 15 km apart. The declaration of lockdown on 24th March 2020 was a significant challenge toward maintaining more than 15,000 animals, including mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, mastomys, guinea pigs, rabbits and rhesus monkeys.Different modalities to 부천 노래방 maintain the facility were initiated. The first step was to assess animal feedstock. There was some immediate relief that we had enough stock to last more than two months. But there was the looming uncertainty of an extended lockdown. We contacted our Mumbai-based feed supplier for our next lot of feed.All the animals 부천 노래방 cannot be fed on the stocked feed. For rabbits, guinea pigs and monkeys, we required fresh grass, vegetables and fruits daily. Vegetables and fruits being essential items, were free from the ambit of lockdown, and so, we continued to receive them daily.After ensuring that the feed supply was not affected, we assessed the 부천 노래방 ongoing experiments and classified them into three categories, i.e. Experiments that terminate within one week, experiments that end within one month and experiments that close after two to three months. Time-slots were prepared for individual investigators to take care of all the ongoing investigations.Given that the lockdown situation, staff movement from their residence 부천 노래방 to the animal facility was stalled initially due to the strict vigil on the roads by the local administration. The CSIR-CDRI animal facility has around 15 permanent staffs and 40 sanitation workers. Some of the scientists and technical staff resided within the campus, which gave them direct access to the facility. Those living 부천 노래방 outside the campus faced apparent problems in their movement to the facility.To facilitate their essential travel, we coordinated with the local administration. We obtained the requisite permissions for the movement of the personnel who were required to attend to unavoidable and vital work that included animal feeding, a supply of drinking water, cleaning 부천 노래방 of cages, disposal of dead animals, veterinary care etc.With collective enthusiasm, owning responsibility in an unforeseen situation and cooperation from different quarters, we could regularize and restore the facility's smooth maintenance during the lockdown period. No experiment was affected, and most importantly, we could uphold the animals' welfare and even save the precious 부천 노래방 lives of many of them.Dr Rajdeep GuhaSenior Scientist, National Laboratory Animal Centre, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow National Laboratory Animal Centre, CSIR-CDRI, Chattar Manzil Campus (Photo Courtesy: Dr Shishir Kumar Gupta) Experimental Animal Facility, CSIR-CDRI, Jankipuram Extension Campus  Experimental Animals maintained at National Laboratory Animal Centre, CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow(Photo Courtesy: Dr Vijay Kumar Verma) 

  • 룸파티 노래방 생일파티 추천 큐브뮤직타운 강남 가라오케...

    안녕하세요 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 ^.^ 신바람그릿마케터예요~생일파티장소를 찾으시는 분들께 소중한 정보를 알려드릴게요.오늘은 큐브가라오케, 강남생일파티장소로 좋은 이유에 대해 포스팅하려고 합니다. ​잇님들, 가정의 달을 맞이하여 행사가 많이들 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 하잖아요?특히, 생일파티나 가족모임, 각종 회식을 하는 경우에꼭 고려해야 할 것들이 있죠.​​​우선 분위기가 좋아야 하죠.고급스러운 분위기가 딱이죠.룸도 넓어야 하고, 각종 장식들도 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 잘 꾸며진 곳이어야 하죠. 큐브가라오케가 바로 그거랍니다.​​그런 면에서 볼 때 큐브가라오케, 강남생일파티장소가 딱이죠.큐브가라오케, 강남생일파티장소는 룸이 40여개나 되는 노래방시설을 갖추고 있기 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 때문인데요.파티룸으로서는 제격이죠.​​​큐브가라오케, 강남생일파티장소는 영화촬영, 드라마촬영, 연예인들도 자주찾는 고급스러운을 겸비한 시설을 갖추고 있답니다.큐브가라오케, 강남생일파티장소는 24시간 영업 중이므로 24시간 언제든지 문의하실 수 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 있어요~~​​혹시, 단체가 아니고 혼자 술 마실 분들을 위해서도 큐브가라오케에서는가능하답니다. 무엇보다 가성비가 좋답니다. 스카이라운지 지상16층 남산뷰와 한강뷰도 좋고요, 도심뷰도 야경끝판왕이랍니다.​​잇님들 생일파티장소를 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 찾는 이유가 여러가지겠지요?그 중에서 가장 큰 이유가 뭐세요?아마도 분위기와 장소, 위치 등 여러가지가 고려되여야 하겠죠?그런면에서 큐브가라오케가 강남생일파티장소로 좋은 이유랍니다. ​​​​​​​​소중한 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 정보를 전해 드리니, 잇님들혹시 관심이 있으시면 연락 주시기 바랍니다.이상, 신바람그릿마케터 였습니다. ​ ~~~ 예약문의 ~~~-모바일문의 : -카카오톡 문의 : cf2000 강남가라오케 강남셔츠룸 강남노래방 ​​​큐브가라오케로부터 지원받아 작성하였습니다​​#큐브가라오케, #강남생일파티장소, #강남단체술집, #삼성동가라오케, #강남룸식술집, #청담동가라오케, #청담동노래방, #삼성동노래방​​

  • High Power Magnetrons: Strengthening Strategic, Medical and …

  • High Power Magnetrons: Strengthening Strategic, Medical and …

    부천 노래방 The design and development work on magnetron at CSIR-CEERI started since the establishment of the laboratory in the year 1953. A series of magnetrons, mostly in the S-band at different power and frequencies, have been designed, developed and delivered to the users. The device has been successfully developed by the collaborative efforts of CSIR CEERI and our sponsoring partners 부천 노래방 like the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), DRDO, BRNS (DAE) Government of India.During 1996-2006, CSIR-CEERI has designed and produced a 2 MW S-band magnetron (two versions at 2.998 GHz and 2.856 GHz) in limited numbers and delivered to RRCAT, Indore for their LINACs/Microtron program. During the same period, a glass version of 부천 노래방 3 MW magnetron in S-band (2.998 GHz) was also developed and delivered to RRCAT, Indore. BRNS, BARC Mumbai, sponsored both the projects.LINAC based X-ray machines are extensively used for industrial, medical and security applications. BARC, Mumbai, in association with ECIL, Hyderabad, has initiated the development of such cargo screening machines to be employed near borders. These LINAC based X-ray 부천 노래방 machines use high power microwave sources such as klystrons and magnetrons for the acceleration of the particles. CSIR-CEERI has designed, developed and delivered 3 MW S-band (2.885 GHz) pulse magnetron to BARC, Mumbai, for these applications with technical know-how. The frequency tuning of these magnetrons from a remote location was always a challenging problem. CSIR-CEERI has developed a PLC 부천 노래방 based motorized tuning mechanism to tune the frequency of the magnetron from a remote location so that exposure of X-ray to the operator can be avoided. In addition to these magnetrons, an R&D project entitled “Design &Development of 2.6 MW S-Band Tunable Pulse Magnetron’ was carried out at CSIR-CEERI, Pilani, sponsored by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), 부천 노래방 Govt. of India in collaboration with SAMEER, Mumbai during 2008-2013. The project's scope was to design and develop a glass version water-cooled tunable magnetron with an operating frequency of 2998 MHz and minimum peak power of 2.6 MW up to the successful laboratory prototype stage. The developed magnetron was required to retrofit an existing LINAC system, thereby replacing a 부천 노래방 foreign commercial magnetron. CSIR-CEERI successfully developed and delivered these magnetrons to SAMEER, Mumbai.The developed magnetron was tested on the LINAC system at SAMEER, Mumbai setup, and the required X-ray dose was achieved. Recently, the technical know-how of 2.6 MW magnetron has been transferred to M/s Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru for mass production and use in their radiation 부천 노래방 therapy machine for cancer treatment. The successful development of 2.6 MW magnetron technology has established and strengthened the technological base and capabilities for developing higher power magnetrons in our country. CSIR-CEERI’s know-how and research knowledge in magnetrons, with modern-day applications of magnetrons, together can bring radical advancement in industrial, medical, and strategic sectors. For details, please contact:headtbd@ceeri.res.in